Kamen Rider W Forever: Net Movie Trailer


Se ha confirmado que serán 26 miniepisodios, cada uno con el tema de una de las nuevas 26 Gaia Memories, los titulos serán los siguientes

  1. Director A/The Special Stop Timer
  2. The Doctor is Happy About B/Now, In the Mumbling
  3. The C Sister/Mystery ClayDoll
  4. D is Here/The Transformatory Magical Body
  5. The Crisis Called E/The Man That Stole Eternity
  6. The F Brutality/What a Gale!
  7. The G is Impossible/Bad Picture Paradise
  8. The Nightmarish H/Who Is the Drawing Prince?
  9. The I is Intolerable/The Fashion Doctor’s Style
  10. The Pursuit of J/One More Trump Card
  11. The K is Drowsy/A Speaking Only Experiment
  12. Removing a Bad Taste from the L/You Are a Freak
  13. I Dabble in M/The Drawing Game
  14. Shout at N!/The Calamity with Kazu
  15. The O is Shown/That Guy is Named Ōzu
  16. The P Trick/Mick has a Bad Hand Habit
  17. Lovestruck with Q/The Targetted Queen
  18. Toward the R/Drawing Better Than Them All
  19. The S Selection/The Recommended Detective
  20. The T Doesn’t Come Back/The Dead Uncuttable Man
  21. The U is a Mystery!/Rondo
  22. The V Meatball/Muscle-Beast
  23. The W Restraints/Only One Can be a Husband
  24. Painter X/A Painting of Beneath the Museum
  25. The Comedy of Y/The Man Searching for Curry
  26. Come Here Z!!!/Isaka, Laughs a Lot
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